Sanding and refinishing solid hardwood


Five ways to tell if your hardwood floor needs refinishing

A hardwood floor, when cared for properly, will last for decades, sometimes even up to 100. Like a fine wine, they get better with age, but sooner or later you’ll see signs of wear that will call out for refinishing. Stout's Carpet & Flooring has a combined staff experience of over 48 years in the flooring industry. We have a full inventory and offer services that will answer all of your flooring needs.

We know about flooring. We’re members of the National Wood Flooring Association and the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Northeast Mississippi. We’re also received certification from hardwood flooring maintenance and refinishing company, Bona US. As a Bona craftsman, we use only the greenest, most environmentally friendly products, and we employ dust-free sanding methods. Bona is certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America and several of its products have received recognition from Green Seal, an environmental standard development organization.

Our showrooms are in Oxford, MS and Jackson, TN and we serve Oxford, Lafayette County, Batesville, and Pontotoc. Visit us to learn more about our products, services and free estimate.

How do you know when to refinish?

Call in a flooring expert if you see:
  • A lot of scratches on the hardwood, especially if it looks like they’ve worn through the stain.
  • Grayish- black spots on planks. If grayish boards mean they’ve absorbed some water. That can come from anywhere, including dampness from rain or snow that comes in on the soles of your shoes. The water keeps oxidizing until the gray finally turns into black spots. If that happens, you’ll definitely need sanding with your hardwood refinishing. Fading or discoloration. Fabrics and some floors are susceptible to the sun.
  • Finally, you might just want a change in color. We know someone who went from mahogany to light oak; all it takes is sanding and staining.



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Stains and finishes

They are not the same thing. The finish is the topcoat and it is meant to protect the hardwood flooring.

They range in options, from water-based polyurethane to oils, shellac, wax, penetrating oil, aluminum oxide and more. Some areas are more slow-drying and can have high levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) but as a Bona certified craftsman, be assured we use only the greenest products, meaning that they are fast-drying and emit no VOCs.
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