Custom area rugs


Turn your floor into art with a custom made rug

Ever wonder what to do with that gorgeous Moroccan floor covering that now seems faded or worn, or might even have some tears in it? Want to pep up and add a personal touch to a drab, cookie-cutter designed college dormer?. The answer lies in rug binding where you can turn existing carpet into custom for any indoor residential home rugs, facility or patio.

Stout's Carpet & Flooring has a combined staff experience of over 48 years in the flooring industry. We have a full inventory and offer services that will answer all of your flooring needs. We carry a full line of all the standards, with different fibers like wool, nylon and polyester and shapes from squares to ovals and rectangular runners to round pieces. We also carry a line of outdoor rugs.

We also have a carpet binding department so feel free to come in to speak to us. Our showrooms are in Jackson, TN, and Oxford, MS and we serve Oxford, Lafayette County, Batesville, and Pontotoc. Visit us to learn more about our products, services and free estimate.

Why a custom made rug?

  • Design. It’s often said that flooring is the biggest expression of personal style, and a custom one means the yours is truly unique. You’ll never see that rug in any other residential home, or in any flooring store rack.
  • To highlight and honor special events or places. Say your child is entering the University of Mississippi next year and you want to spruce up a dormer. Wouldn’t a rug with that school’s logo or mascot be a great touch?
  • Size. Custom rugs can be made into any shape or size. Standard sizes are pretty set, ranging from the small 3 X 5 to the largest 12 X 15.



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Why would I want outdoor rugs?

One, they are practical. A mat will give people a way to wipe feet before entering the house.

Two, it’s a design tool. You have outdoor furniture and seating arrangements on the deck, patio, poolside or elsewhere. Just as an indoor rug, these rugs pull together and unify a space. It’s art for your yard!

Be sure it’s waterproof and that the professional discusses care and maintenance.
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