Allowing carpet to work for you

Carpet is an amazing floor covering that can truly be both gorgeous and functional. Appearances vary wildly, from solid colors to patterns and designs and you’ll easily be able to find a match for any decor style. This material creates an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect in entryways and living rooms but provides amazing comfort for private spaces like dens and bedrooms. Even better, it now comes with an extensive list of benefits that can truly be at home in your spaces. It’s definitely worth taking the time to explore the secrets this flooring holds to find out if it’s what you’ve been dreaming of for your own home. Stout's Carpet & Flooring offers a vast selection of flooring materials in our large Oxford, MS and Jackson, TN showrooms and that allows us to cater to the needs of most homeowners. We also offer design assistance, in case you need a little extra help bringing all the elements of your decor and flooring together into one beautiful project. Services are just as important as the material you choose, and you’ll find our associates have all the expertise needed to bring your every flooring dream to life. We currently serve the communities of Oxford, Lafayette County, Batesville, and Pontotoc, and we’d love the opportunity to serve your flooring needs as well. Contact us today to find out how we can do that.

Carpet offers excellent variety and benefits

No decor is off limits when it comes to installing carpet in your home. For instance, even the most minimal scheme is complemented by the simplicity of solid natural colors like cream, off-white, or any light colored selection. On the other hand, those with a flair for the eclectic and artistic will be just as pleased with the variety of patterns and styles in this material. If you are in the process of building a new home, you can even use this flooring as a great starting place, building your interior decor up from the bottom. One of the most important factors for any flooring covering in the eyes of discerning homeowners is the level of durability they’ll receive. The good news is, strides have been taken that now make carpet one of the best for busy households, even with children and pets in the home. Some manufacturers are constructing materials with stain resistance built into the fibers themselves to offer the best protection available against stains and dinginess. No more permanent, set-in stains, and you’ll find each cleaning brings your floors back to a nearly new look.

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