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Five reasons to use demo services when renovating

There are several reasons to use demo crews for your remodeling project, especially when it comes to the kitchen or bathroom. It’s not just for tearing down buildings where you see heavy equipment, sanders, cranes and bulldozers.

Stout's Carpet & Flooring are experts on flooring, as well as kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects; bathroom shower and tub surrounds, and granite fabrication. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, have a full inventory and offer services that answer all of your needs, from demolition services to interior design consultations, flooring installation and carpet binding.

Speaking of demo professionals, we do our work properly and thoroughly, and we work closely with the rest of your team, including architects, designers and contractors. Our showrooms are in Jackson, TN, and Oxford, MS and we serve Oxford, Lafayette County, Batesville, and Pontotoc. Visit us to learn more about our products, services and free estimate.

Why use professional demo services?

When you remodel, there can be safety issues, such as falling debris, dust, heavy equipment, and removing anything that is, or can potentially be, hazardous. You will have big items, such as when you’re replacing your tub surround or appliances.

If you're replacing countertops with stone, expect a lot of dust and cutting also in the fabrication process. If you’re remodeling the kitchen, electrical outlets and gas lines will need to be turned off at times for safety reasons.



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Other reasons

  • Efficiency. Do you really want to pull out that tub surround yourself? Even removing flooring, like tile, is difficult and backbreaking. Also keep in mind that much of the remodeling schedule depends upon the availability of certain materials and they will examine that.
  • Heavy-duty tool handling. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can seriously hurt yourself or even create damage. If you think you can just walk into a hardware store to get tools know that 1) they may not be as heavy-duty as the professionals use and 2) you’ll pay more; the professionals do this for a living, so they pay wholesale. You will pay retail.
  • Cleaning and inspection. Before they leave, they’ll be sure there’s no toxic waste. They’ll correct and remove anything that can hurt your family, such as metal or glass pieces. Once done, the rest can continue!
  • Disposal. There are often town or city requirements for proper disposal of various items. You may not know the rules, but they do.
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