What hardwood flooring species are native to Oxford, MI?

What hardwood flooring species are native to Oxford, MI?

The Magnolia State, well-known for its magnolia flowers and southern magnolia trees, boasts 113 tree species on forest lands. In addition, three hardwoods native to Northeast Mississippi - oak, maple, and hickory - are commonly harvested for the wood flooring industry.

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Oak is the wood species of choice for most homeowners who choose solid hardwood flooring for their homes. Straight-grained white oak and red oak planks come in many hues that range from beige to brown and light pink to red.

An oak floor is durable and, thus, ideal for high-traffic areas, and it's also one of the most affordable types of wood floors.


Since maple is a fast-growing wood, it is considered eco-friendly and sustainable. Like oak, the creamy-white wood with a fine grain pattern is long-lasting, and it's a wise choice if you prefer a no-stain floor.

Maple wood flooring blends seamlessly with contemporary, clean, and airy décor, such as Scandinavian or Mid-Century Modern.


Hickory is another durable wood species, and it has a rustic yet sophisticated, grainy appearance. There is strong color contrast in the wood's grain patterns, showing a range of brown, red, and tan shades.

Because of the variety of styles, hickory flooring complements traditional interior designs and informal country or farmhouse décor.

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